Unleash the full potential of your Players

1st Solution to earn

Gaming Revenues when your

Players are Shopping

Puurl supplies eGaming Platforms and Operators with Solutions that let their Players play-to-win any physical product available for sale on the Internet, from any existing eStore.
A first in Internet History!

Operators earn gambling-revenue when their Players are shopping


Can play to win any product that
is available for sale on the internet
from any existing eStore


Increase the gambling budget
of their players by tapping into
their shopping budget

How the “Win-Anything” Page works

When an Operator embeds a “Win-Anything Page”, Players who were shopping will return to his eGamingSite in order to play-to-win the product they crave


player chooses

product on eStore

Player chooses product from any existing eStore

Amazon, eBay, Netaporter…

Any eStore!


goes to

Operator’s eGamingSite

The “Win-Anything Page” grabs the product’s info

from the eStore and, creates a custom betting

page on the Operator’s eGamingSite



for instant result

Player chooses his stake and gets instant result

through scratch card. If he wins, Puurl buys

and delivers the product.

Instant Benefits for Operators

Increase your Players’ Gambling Budget

Puurl’s Win-Anything Solution caters to Players who are in a “shopping mood”, that is when they are usually not gambling online. Operators benefit from an additional way to monetize their existing Players, without cannibalization of their traditional offers. Players’ gaming-budget in effectively increased by tapping into their eShopping budget.

Differentiate from your Competitors

Operators can offer a truly unique selling proposition with our Win-anything functionalities and enhance their Players’s experience outside of the traditional boundaries of eGaming, thus differentiating from competitors.

Expand your Acquisition of new Customers

The “soft gaming” approach of Puurl’s Win-Anything Solutions appeal not only to gamblers, but also to eShoppers who have never, or rarely, gambled online. By using this advantage, Operators can broaden the reach of their marketing campaigns.

Operators who adopt Puurl’s turnkey Win-Anything Solution can offer an additional gaming option to their Players when they are shopping online. Indeed, at the very moment when people ponder if they should buy or not, the Win-Anything Page gives them a third alternative: bet-to-win their desired product right now instead of saving to buy it later.
Puurl continuously develops Solutions, such as our mobile app, to effectively bring that betting option ever nearer to the point-of-sale in the shopping experience, thus increasing occasions for Operators to earn revenues.

— H.Piski, Dir. Puurl LTD

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Players grab Products from any eStore with the Win-Anything Page

A unique offer to your Players

A chance to win the Product now

instead of saving to buy it later

A near-infinite choice of prizes:

“any Product available for sale online”

User sets his own odds of winning

by adapting the amount of his stake

Instant result;

no need to wait for a lottery draw

Full Services for the convenience of Operators

Gaming Services

Puurl’s “Win-Anything” Gaming Services are integrated into the eGaming platform of the Operator and powered by Puurl’s game host

Fulfillment Services

Puurl takes care of purchase and delivery of physical products to Players who have won a bet though any of the Operators enabled by Puurl’s Gaming Services


Puurl’s backend gives provides reporting, user statistics, etc. and all services are integrated through APIs so Operators can use their current front- and back-end

Custom Solutions for your Business

Puurl Solutions can be adapted to the needs of your business. Please get in touch with us with the contact form so we can discuss you specifics and optimal configuration of our Solutions.